Superior Returns in niche decorrelated assets

Acheron Capital Limited (“Acheron”) is a London based independent investment manager that focuses on niche decorrelated strategies. Since its creation in 2006, Acheron has developed a suite of specialized hard to invest products that offer clients decorrelation to traditional financial markets. Acheron long and audited track record demonstrates, across a variety of off-track investments, that superior return and decorrelation can be achieved for long term investors.

Acheron’s philosophy entails investing only in products that it truly believes will generate performance as well as contribute to its client’s portfolio decorrelation. As such, Acheron always invests into its own products. Further, to address a recurring problem in the alternative arena, Acheron, when it is paid a performance fee, is only paid when capital and hurdle have been actually repaid to investors. These simple principles illustrates Acheron commitment to long term investment success.

Acheron has been successfully offering its services to high net worth individuals, families and institutional investors such as trust, corporations, pension funds in several countries, across different investment strategies, time horizons and risk profile.