Philosophy & Approach

Acheron believes that relentless focus, centered on decorrelation can produce superior returns. Acheron recognizes in its investment vehicles that liquidity, superior return and decorrelation cannot be simultaneously achieved. In each of the esoteric investment strategies in which it is active, Acheron capitalizes on some form of market or investor difficulty such as regulatory constraints, labour intensive administrative work, and imbalanced supply and demand. Acheron’s quest for deep value not only means it is often acting in a counter-cyclical fashion, but that it will always emphasize on true long term value of the assets in which it invests.

Acheron specializes primarily in insurance-related assets as well as private debt with market decorrelated characteristics. In particular, Acheron offers investment advice in the life settlement market and the Asian private debt space, fields in which it is widely recognized. For both markets the investment objective will be to achieve capital appreciation either by arbitraging demographic risk in the life settlement business, or through sourcing and structuring transactions to take advantage of market inefficiencies in selective highly developed Asian countries.

However, having on-going projects across America, Europe and Asia, the firm is continuously in quest of new opportunities with high potential investments and low risk correlation.